Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tomorrow there will be light,
And it'll fall upon a thousand eyes.
Yet none so beautiful, and none so bright,
None will shine as you do tonight.

Under the blood of the moon and the stars,
Along the beat of the winds that pass,
You smile, and there is nothing else,
No moon, no wind, no stars, just you.

And there is nothing else, nothing more,
That i could possibly need,
When you wear that smile,
To see you happy, to see you smile,
To know I can help it stay awhile.

Your fragrance lingers on,
Your whispers ring in my ears,
Your gaze is fixed at mine,
These stars of your memories,
Twinkle in my eyes.

And it is then i believe,
When I know you are mine,
When my heart matches yours,
beat for beat, pause for pause,
I believe this it, this is our turn,
With the the light that tomorrow brings,
This is our turn to shine.