Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I can hear the leaves rustle, today the birds chirrup, there is a symphony, conducted by nature at its best, and today, there is commotion.I am lost, like an orphaned child, lost in the pandemonium of life, stuck in the web of hope.

Bashful laughter fills me, I am leaping around, I am beaming, I am glowing, today, I care not for the world, I care, only for her, for her who has filled me with this uncalled for happiness and for her who has provided this uncalled for sadness.

I find my myself being pulled down now, though I fight off these forces. I get back up, I get back up again, and again. Though now, I am tired, I have lost all strength, I am rendered useless, my body fails, I am powerless, I am defenseless, today, I am helpless.
 Insecurity catches hold of me, Its grip tightens with every passing day, It unlocks doors, and a sadness springs up. Rejection. Dejection. Betrayal. Envy. Distress. Emotions I was unaware of possessing, come knocking at once. I feel weak, unable to move still, I am hurt, and I give in. Today, I am helpless.

And then, I am elated, I am ecstatic, today, I am smiling. She takes hold of my hand and pulls me with all her might, and I break free, free from all things that were never me. Her smile instills in me a familiar warmth, her touch provides me an acquainted joy, her laughter infects me.

Today, I am happy. As for tomorrow, well, tomorrow is just another day, we'll see what comes my way. =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My lips smile at random,
The hair ruffled sans thought,
A familiar laughter surrounds me,
Have I finally found,
For which I have, for so long sought?

Yes, all around me is still visible,
Though today, rays of radiance,
Of an asortment of colours,
All but blue,

Bestow on me a different perspective,
My optimism bears fruit,
For today, all these things and yet more,
Filter only all things blissful.

A contentment of sorts fills me,
For now, the hair is ruffled,
And the lips smile at random,
I awake, and am caught unaware,
In sessions of sweet silent thought.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

because I'm a poet and I didnt even know it.

They speak of a light,
At the end of this never ending tunnel,
A light bright enough to comfort both me and you,
 Too bad we're blinded by its darkness,
 Unable, to make our way through.

You take hold of my hand,
 And we make our way into the unknown,
Make our way out in front,
 And then suddenly the wind that blows long and hard,
 Catches hold of you flies you across,
 Leaving me behind, with the wind,
That refuses to surpass.

 This is the wind of change they tell me,
 Yet I refuse to move,
 I liked the way things were before,
When it was just me and you.

 I throw my hands frantically, disturbing the wind that blows,
 You have taken enough! I say,
 Did you not hear?
 I liked the way things were before,
I liked it better when it was just me and you.

 Helpless, I throw my hands out into nothingness once more.
 This time, I try to grasp any of you that might remain,
I try to catch hold of the love between us,
Of the love that was slain.

 Stop it now you hungry beast!
 Why must you disturb this tree?
Go blow elsewhere, yeah?
 Go away now, at least.

 Finally, a sound reaches me,
 It comes from the wind that blows long and hard,
 It comes from the wind,
 From the wind that blew you across.

 Change is Inevitable, its voice deep yet sweet,
 All good things must come to an end!
 Nothing lasts forever, isn't that what they say?
 And with that it parts,
 Leaving once again, everything, stagnant still.

 It leaves me  with a note which read:
 This is not the end my friend,
 For the journey through that tunnel,
 It is now that it begins.