Thursday, November 17, 2011

The sun gives off its last rays as it sets in the distant sky, and she knows. With the darkness has come the call for the creatures that set ablaze the night. For those who are looked down upon, for they dare to be different, for they dare to speak, dare to question, for they are free, free from everything that has ever bound you and I.
They chose to warm the night, give it life, light. They are creatures of the night. They destruct its silence, its serenity, for them, the night is pure. Darkness is their light, they feed off it. And to you, this difference, it boils your blood. You want them to be you, but it is shameful, your expectations disgust me. Your light, the light of day, cannot be theirs. Do not expect them to be what you have become, a follower. You have done enough already, do not try to change them, they are free, let them be. Your loose morals cannot be theirs, your ways are alien to them, let them be so.

Let her set ablaze the very same sky that you fear, tonight and for a thousand more. She is beautiful, beautiful at what she does. Her freedom hurts you, for you, the very same freedom is a forbidden fruit, one you have been told to not bite into. She is naked, her skin fresh, do not try to clothe her with your filth.

I beg of you, let her run. Do you not see how beautiful she is? Are you blinded by the leaps she takes? Or afraid of how she pushes boundaries into a far corner? Perhaps, you are envious, for she is all you will never be. She is her, you are somebody else. Or it is something more trivial? Her smile, perhaps?

She is faster now, the night is warmer. You have angered her. I warned you, did I not? Do not try change nature. However she is gentle, she will forgive you. Learn from her, but do not try to change her. For she is a creature of the night, most beautiful, most sacred.

Se ono wafse ilia.   

Saturday, November 12, 2011

There is a tiger. It is fierce. Orange and black in between shades of green and yellow, shaded in the backdrop of darkness. It glistens in the white light of an omniscient full moon. It searches, crawls to run, for every step brings him closer. Closer for what he longs.

Do you know what he longs for? I don't. Is it a delicate matter of the heart, a beauty more than his? Or is it hunger that calls him? A hunger for a matter of the heart. It is the only explanation for these hurried steps. Hunger, it attracts him. He is hungry, he is foolish. His senses have lost all sense, and he falls.

The hunter has caught it's prey. The hunger lost, replaced with anger. Orange and black overpower brown. A life is lost, a lesson learnt. The anger resides within him, hidden by a hunger. Some fall for the hungry tiger, some know of the anger. I have learned, I have survived. Orange and black, he crawls to run, with every step that bring him closer towards you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A pretty face, a smile, behind those beautiful eyes. That see the world, in a blood stained beauty. Red, and more of it. Sprewing across, crawling along, running down. It is natural, but it is forced. Out of you, into another. Hatred, anger? For what? For the rewards of viscous fluid, that sticks onto flesh, like a falcon in a blue sky? Your decison, hast cost. Your roars, and his unheard screams have hurt the ear of the one that has chosen to hear, on the one, on whom silence is forced and on the one that has forced it upon himself.

That boy, his screams are heard now. With every bullet that leaves him, with every cry that reaches his ear, every sound he ever made is heard. For, that is all that left him. Cries. His smile to your eyes, was a bite. It was gentle, it soothed, it comforted. It was beautiful. To her eyes, and to the thousands that watched day turn into night, but to you, it was poison.

To you, your eyes burnt. He was your blood, your own. You ran in his streams, calm, boiled, but it was you, all along. The world speaks of him. Your creation, your terror, in my mind. Is this what you wanted? A monster, that has unleashed in others the monster that was hidden? That gun recoils once more, releasing onto his shoulder, a pain and a comfort. From all that you have made him carry upon his young shoulders.

He smiles, for he is not afraid in your absence. He smiles, and a pretty face, a smile, behind those beautful eyes, is lost.

Friday, September 16, 2011


I float through, and I stop. I am stuck, I am stagnant, I refuse to move, I refuse to be moved. Like a feather, I float once more, with all my weight, and all it's weightlessness, with complete freedom, in complete brilliance. How I wish that is what I had, complete freedom. From these expectationsthat weight me down, that hinder my flight. Days have passed, yet I remain, where I was, where I will be, till I am not.

I gaze out, I catch a hint of you. You are most beautiful, almost ugly. How I wish you wernt in such a hurry. What is it, friend? Why are you passing me by? Hold my hand? Let me crawl, let me step, let me run, let me fly, friend. We'll do it together, you and I?

In a paradise, that is where I am, but I can't do it alone. Not for long at least, I need you to be, to exist, in my existence. Here, where I am, this place, it's called paradise. The tide has it's high and it's lows, there is no stopping the force of time, it likes to fly. but, why must you take it's example? Do you not have a mind of your own? Think. And then, do. Have they taught you nothing? Stop. Look. Embrace. Friend, is it really that hard?

Stop. Look. Embrace. Stop. Stop. STOP. Stop. You are going too fast, I cant keep pace, not with you, not with me. There you go. Out of paradise, into a void, into circumstances, where to be, is a task, even by your standards. I was warned though, of your need to change.

It has been long now, It's getting cold out here, take me back? Life, you aren't mine for long, before you leave, take me.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's always the darkest before dawn, and today the sun rises. And with its first rays, that kiss your eyes open, you rise with it. You match it for every step, yet, you are carefull enough to maintain your distance. It's warmth instills in you, a warmth. An unfamiliar warmth which was hidden by the harsh colds of reality that you have carried upon your shoulders. You feel it on the tip of your fingers and in the spaces between them. It feels you. No longer, are you hidden behind the stubborn clouds of a still day, no longer are you unfamiliar.

Youtake your first leap, you catch up with life, with its joys and its sorrows, with all that you have missed. You count every breath, every moment. You feel the rain and are carefull to not miss the rainbow.
Thesun, it walks behind you. It is the reason for you existence, it powers you, it fuels you, but you are greedy, you want more. And you have your way, until you dont. Has your memory failed you? Have you forgotten the darkness that blinded you?
And with that, your shadow fades. You have no more.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tomorrow there will be light,
And it'll fall upon a thousand eyes.
Yet none so beautiful, and none so bright,
None will shine as you do tonight.

Under the blood of the moon and the stars,
Along the beat of the winds that pass,
You smile, and there is nothing else,
No moon, no wind, no stars, just you.

And there is nothing else, nothing more,
That i could possibly need,
When you wear that smile,
To see you happy, to see you smile,
To know I can help it stay awhile.

Your fragrance lingers on,
Your whispers ring in my ears,
Your gaze is fixed at mine,
These stars of your memories,
Twinkle in my eyes.

And it is then i believe,
When I know you are mine,
When my heart matches yours,
beat for beat, pause for pause,
I believe this it, this is our turn,
With the the light that tomorrow brings,
This is our turn to shine.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I can hear the leaves rustle, today the birds chirrup, there is a symphony, conducted by nature at its best, and today, there is commotion.I am lost, like an orphaned child, lost in the pandemonium of life, stuck in the web of hope.

Bashful laughter fills me, I am leaping around, I am beaming, I am glowing, today, I care not for the world, I care, only for her, for her who has filled me with this uncalled for happiness and for her who has provided this uncalled for sadness.

I find my myself being pulled down now, though I fight off these forces. I get back up, I get back up again, and again. Though now, I am tired, I have lost all strength, I am rendered useless, my body fails, I am powerless, I am defenseless, today, I am helpless.
 Insecurity catches hold of me, Its grip tightens with every passing day, It unlocks doors, and a sadness springs up. Rejection. Dejection. Betrayal. Envy. Distress. Emotions I was unaware of possessing, come knocking at once. I feel weak, unable to move still, I am hurt, and I give in. Today, I am helpless.

And then, I am elated, I am ecstatic, today, I am smiling. She takes hold of my hand and pulls me with all her might, and I break free, free from all things that were never me. Her smile instills in me a familiar warmth, her touch provides me an acquainted joy, her laughter infects me.

Today, I am happy. As for tomorrow, well, tomorrow is just another day, we'll see what comes my way. =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My lips smile at random,
The hair ruffled sans thought,
A familiar laughter surrounds me,
Have I finally found,
For which I have, for so long sought?

Yes, all around me is still visible,
Though today, rays of radiance,
Of an asortment of colours,
All but blue,

Bestow on me a different perspective,
My optimism bears fruit,
For today, all these things and yet more,
Filter only all things blissful.

A contentment of sorts fills me,
For now, the hair is ruffled,
And the lips smile at random,
I awake, and am caught unaware,
In sessions of sweet silent thought.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

because I'm a poet and I didnt even know it.

They speak of a light,
At the end of this never ending tunnel,
A light bright enough to comfort both me and you,
 Too bad we're blinded by its darkness,
 Unable, to make our way through.

You take hold of my hand,
 And we make our way into the unknown,
Make our way out in front,
 And then suddenly the wind that blows long and hard,
 Catches hold of you flies you across,
 Leaving me behind, with the wind,
That refuses to surpass.

 This is the wind of change they tell me,
 Yet I refuse to move,
 I liked the way things were before,
When it was just me and you.

 I throw my hands frantically, disturbing the wind that blows,
 You have taken enough! I say,
 Did you not hear?
 I liked the way things were before,
I liked it better when it was just me and you.

 Helpless, I throw my hands out into nothingness once more.
 This time, I try to grasp any of you that might remain,
I try to catch hold of the love between us,
Of the love that was slain.

 Stop it now you hungry beast!
 Why must you disturb this tree?
Go blow elsewhere, yeah?
 Go away now, at least.

 Finally, a sound reaches me,
 It comes from the wind that blows long and hard,
 It comes from the wind,
 From the wind that blew you across.

 Change is Inevitable, its voice deep yet sweet,
 All good things must come to an end!
 Nothing lasts forever, isn't that what they say?
 And with that it parts,
 Leaving once again, everything, stagnant still.

 It leaves me  with a note which read:
 This is not the end my friend,
 For the journey through that tunnel,
 It is now that it begins.