Monday, March 31, 2014

I wonder if life will implode one day,
And I will find myself lost in a forest,
or firmly placed,
in a garden of iridescent skies.

In this trance of realisation,
I will a supernova,
For we have been nascent,
(Or is morbid more befitting?)
Long enough!

Set in motion,
an attack of experience,
So if death was to come or not,
It would all be the same.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

They were dark times. With everything I did, I was more and more hesitant. Unsure of myself and of all that around me. In conundrums, and strangled with confusion.  Wary of the past, and unaware of the future.

There was so much I had left behind, a myriad of my happiest memories. Only to now be surrounded by thickets of black. And as I curled up around it (the black) , lungs corrupted and eyes sore, it took a turn. And lo, it wrapped itself around me.

I was, at first surprised. At the comfort this monster bestowed upon me. For it was beyond my comprehension, it’s will to parent me. Only as I let out my first cry, did it all become clear. What had seemed as protection, transformed into an awesome attack. It gnawed into me, strengthening itself at every scream.
Amongst heavy cries, I struggled to find my breadth. I was victim to bouts of unrestricted rage. Clenched fists, furious stares.  It devoured my every moment of weakness.

 It took a while for me to figure out that I was the fuel to its fire. With this realization however, I quieted down.  And it, in return was kind enough to let go and return to its former state as the selfless provider.