Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I can hear the leaves rustle, today the birds chirrup, there is a symphony, conducted by nature at its best, and today, there is commotion.I am lost, like an orphaned child, lost in the pandemonium of life, stuck in the web of hope.

Bashful laughter fills me, I am leaping around, I am beaming, I am glowing, today, I care not for the world, I care, only for her, for her who has filled me with this uncalled for happiness and for her who has provided this uncalled for sadness.

I find my myself being pulled down now, though I fight off these forces. I get back up, I get back up again, and again. Though now, I am tired, I have lost all strength, I am rendered useless, my body fails, I am powerless, I am defenseless, today, I am helpless.
 Insecurity catches hold of me, Its grip tightens with every passing day, It unlocks doors, and a sadness springs up. Rejection. Dejection. Betrayal. Envy. Distress. Emotions I was unaware of possessing, come knocking at once. I feel weak, unable to move still, I am hurt, and I give in. Today, I am helpless.

And then, I am elated, I am ecstatic, today, I am smiling. She takes hold of my hand and pulls me with all her might, and I break free, free from all things that were never me. Her smile instills in me a familiar warmth, her touch provides me an acquainted joy, her laughter infects me.

Today, I am happy. As for tomorrow, well, tomorrow is just another day, we'll see what comes my way. =)


  1. Ahmar Slut Suhail. This one was intoxicating. I'm making a copy of it for myself, to read again and again ! =)

  2. Her praise isnt at all far fetched you know.
    Only it reminded me of our school's jazz performances you know. People are hitting each other and everyone's sad. Then suddenly some peppy number plays out of nowhere. (I know thats a very crude comparison).

  3. I LOVE It :) LOVE seems to be an understatement right now! :)
    And Pri, chup reh bey! :P

  4. This is AMAZING. You wrote this, seriously? :O
    I really really really really like it Ahmar!
    God bless.

  5. I thought you had stopped blogging since a while. What I didn't know, is that you've been creating one masterpiece after another. WOW.