Saturday, November 12, 2011

There is a tiger. It is fierce. Orange and black in between shades of green and yellow, shaded in the backdrop of darkness. It glistens in the white light of an omniscient full moon. It searches, crawls to run, for every step brings him closer. Closer for what he longs.

Do you know what he longs for? I don't. Is it a delicate matter of the heart, a beauty more than his? Or is it hunger that calls him? A hunger for a matter of the heart. It is the only explanation for these hurried steps. Hunger, it attracts him. He is hungry, he is foolish. His senses have lost all sense, and he falls.

The hunter has caught it's prey. The hunger lost, replaced with anger. Orange and black overpower brown. A life is lost, a lesson learnt. The anger resides within him, hidden by a hunger. Some fall for the hungry tiger, some know of the anger. I have learned, I have survived. Orange and black, he crawls to run, with every step that bring him closer towards you.

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