Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inject in my veins a dream, let it run within me, through a struggled heart and around again. Impegranate my mind with the sperms of imagination, let them form into a foetus of what is not and be grown into a babe of awesome illusion, of crazed deception. Allow me, Oh most benevolent, most merciful to gestate what grows within me for the rest of my short life.

I am happy when I am delirious. When I'm injected with dreams, when all of this feels unreal...when I am lost. Ecstasy. I am wrapped in the warmth of belief. There is a second world yaara! I am 110 percent sure of it! You don't believe me? Here, here. Inject, vroom there! Off you go.

It's slow, almost static. But you're protected. This building, sirjee. Absolutely, fire proof. Here, the fierce flames of what actually is, lick along the walls. At their strongest, all frames united, even then, they fail to penetrate into this second world.

I am knee deep in reminiscence today. As I tread deeper, the pains bridled are unleashed in forms of great guffaws of laughter. It's strange, but here nothing is strange. What is and what isn't? I am miles from any traces of reality.

Fuck this. Give me another dream. So really unreal.

The shore is miles afar. And my body is caressing, moulding into the bed of the sea. I wonder why I treadled so far into the depths of my soul? Only wafts of my crackling remain. A dying flame lingers, fanned desperately by the moths of hope.

And just then, a miracle. I am transported with soul, to my beloved second world, and my body finds it place at the bottom of the sea.


  1. This post reminds me of all things art.
    Just ask in', what do you think of when you write these down?

  2. There are times when I sit down to write and nothing comes to me, and sometimes it just comes to me almost naturally and it flows and everything falls into place. It's really cool when that happens, but unfortunately sirf kabhi kabhi hota hein esa. So basically I hardly think of anything. It just happens.

  3. Oh I love those times. It's just that one's too lazy to write when inspiration strikes. That hurts. A lot.

  4. I know change is a good thing but I feel you've become weird as well! Haha, but in a positive way, like me! :)

    Though I want to know what inspired you to write in such depth, maybe I will when I come to Delhi!

    I'm back on blogger btw! :)

  5. I am not weird. What nonsense! I think you have failed to comprehend me. Yay. I cant wait to see you in Delhi. I will be reading your blog soon. :*

    1. Aww cubs, I was only joking! :*
      And you lied, you still didn't read the post I was talking about, hmph.