Monday, April 15, 2013

 I walked so much today. Sneaked out, took a deep breath and just walked around. It was nice. Not amazing, not wonderful. Nothing over the top or profound. It was just a walk, down a near empty road. I don't remember what I thought about. Or if I thought about anything at all?

Maybe I thought about them. Maybe I thought about her? Or maybe I didn't. Maybe I concocted in my head an idea? A spark fuelled into fire by enormous supplies of oxygen around me. I don't remember. I think I remained inert for the most part.

I feel sleepy now, I won't be able to complete this today. Is there anything more to tell? It was just a walk. I don't know. I've been sleeping a lot recently. I hope I remember to wake up tomorrow. I would hate to forget. Must put a sticky note on my headboard!