Friday, August 23, 2013

Wonders within me.

A world turns on the tip of my finger, and then. It all comes down crashing down, onto my feet, breaking my toes, crippling my soul. Leaves rustle, wings flutter. Momentary chaos to my cry, a prelude to a perennial silence.

Head's bob out of sunroofs, smoke blows, inhale, exhale. The wind rushes past, hair transformed into a myriad sculptures. Screams of ecstasy, hushed to terrified whispers. Lost control, crash and burn. And with that, worlds tumble from fingers to feet.

And what is left? Pointing fingers, where once the world stood. Reduced now, to simple accusations. Tongues are woken from sleep, curses flow freely. It was your fault, say's the finger wagging furiously now.
If only you hadn't.

All that has happened, is all I have wanted. Relations buried, a family distanced. I've set myself free from the shackles that put me down. And yet, now it seems like it is what held me together. I'm uncertain whether to go back or to go on.

A turmoil of emotions tear me. What of the wonders within me now, I wonder.

1 comment:

  1. Well, you wanted to tear it apart, so you don't want to go back until you have to taste of how it's like to be without all that. Perhaps, it'll be a good thing. And it'll help you eventually figure out what is really good for you.

    Good luck :-)