Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's always the darkest before dawn, and today the sun rises. And with its first rays, that kiss your eyes open, you rise with it. You match it for every step, yet, you are carefull enough to maintain your distance. It's warmth instills in you, a warmth. An unfamiliar warmth which was hidden by the harsh colds of reality that you have carried upon your shoulders. You feel it on the tip of your fingers and in the spaces between them. It feels you. No longer, are you hidden behind the stubborn clouds of a still day, no longer are you unfamiliar.

Youtake your first leap, you catch up with life, with its joys and its sorrows, with all that you have missed. You count every breath, every moment. You feel the rain and are carefull to not miss the rainbow.
Thesun, it walks behind you. It is the reason for you existence, it powers you, it fuels you, but you are greedy, you want more. And you have your way, until you dont. Has your memory failed you? Have you forgotten the darkness that blinded you?
And with that, your shadow fades. You have no more.


  1. I like "Its warmth instills in you, a warmth"
    Its a clever line. Well written, Ahmar Suhail. :D
    PS: There's only a single 'l' in careful. Just saying :)

  2. Hmm. I do not understand the ending.
    Rest of it makes a lot of sense. I quite liked it :)
    I find it pretty cool how nature can mirror human feelings and phases. Yeah.

  3. "You feel the rain and are careful not to miss the rainbow" Beautiful :)
    Very Interesting piece of writing.