Friday, September 16, 2011


I float through, and I stop. I am stuck, I am stagnant, I refuse to move, I refuse to be moved. Like a feather, I float once more, with all my weight, and all it's weightlessness, with complete freedom, in complete brilliance. How I wish that is what I had, complete freedom. From these expectationsthat weight me down, that hinder my flight. Days have passed, yet I remain, where I was, where I will be, till I am not.

I gaze out, I catch a hint of you. You are most beautiful, almost ugly. How I wish you wernt in such a hurry. What is it, friend? Why are you passing me by? Hold my hand? Let me crawl, let me step, let me run, let me fly, friend. We'll do it together, you and I?

In a paradise, that is where I am, but I can't do it alone. Not for long at least, I need you to be, to exist, in my existence. Here, where I am, this place, it's called paradise. The tide has it's high and it's lows, there is no stopping the force of time, it likes to fly. but, why must you take it's example? Do you not have a mind of your own? Think. And then, do. Have they taught you nothing? Stop. Look. Embrace. Friend, is it really that hard?

Stop. Look. Embrace. Stop. Stop. STOP. Stop. You are going too fast, I cant keep pace, not with you, not with me. There you go. Out of paradise, into a void, into circumstances, where to be, is a task, even by your standards. I was warned though, of your need to change.

It has been long now, It's getting cold out here, take me back? Life, you aren't mine for long, before you leave, take me.


  1. I think I might hate you a little bit. It's beautifully cryptic. I. Gah. It's good. Brilliant. Yeah.

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