Saturday, September 22, 2012

Okay! Lots of things to tell you. I have discovered. After transcending miles of forest and miles of desert, I have discovered. Here's my problem though, I'll be frank. I am unsure of the discovery I have made, unsure of the ramifications it holds and unsure still of what it truly means. Yet, there is something, deep inside the depths of my soul that tells me of an importance. An instinct, let's call it. And instinct that comes from the pit of the far right corner of my smaller intestine. Yes, that's how deep I mean. Perhaps even deeper, but the unpleasantness of what lies beyond has compelled me to not go pay to heed to instincts of the anus.

This discovery I talk of has the power to change the world, and to this I swear to the mole cushioned in my armpit hair. I have unravelled a secret, an answer, a power. Call it what suits you best, use it as you like. But, believe you me, what I have found is a panacea. What I've found is a paradigm of contentment. I'll share it with you because I know you need it, and because I want you too, to be as empowered as I have become.

Ah, lets inert that incessant need for an answer before the question has been asked, first, shall we? Slow down, take a dee breath in. Relax. I need you to let go of all inhibitions you hold, let go of all worries you hold within you, let go of all the negativity you encapsulate, let go and be free. And once you're done, once you've breathed out you'll be prepared discover what I have discovered. 

One last thing. They're no free lunches in life and I'll be damned to feed you your first. So, with you I shall make a deal. I'll share with you what I've found and you in return will share this with someone else. And in this way, my travels to the mountains and the deserts will become worthy. 

What I've found is something you hold within you. What I've found is nothing new, nothing out of this world, nothing you wouldn't already know of, no, this isn't water on Mars. What I've found is so simple, yet so decorated. I travelled only to return full circle, to find what I seek was in my possession all along. And thus, I discovered. I have discovered the beauty of simplicity and with this, I have discovered happiness.

Go now, find your happiness and go further, go share it with somebody. 

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